7 July 2011 1 Comment

Fourth of July in the UP!

Our family spent the Independence Day weekend in Houghton, MI. We stayed with our long-time friends, the Shaws. It’s always a party with 4 adults, 6 children, and 2 dogs staying in one house!

This year, we took a hike up to Hungarian Falls. It was a nice hike, with lots of sharp drops-offs that provided the kids plenty of opportunities to startle the adults.

After the hike, we watched the fireworks at Lake Linden. It was quite an impressive show for an economically-depressed small town in Michigan. Stimulus money?

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  1. jason 16 August 2012 at 6:58 am #

    LOL. It is not stimulus money. Was looking for photography for the fireworks we put on in Lake Linden and came acros your site. Nice pics, will have to take me daughter over to a hike at Hugnarian, living here it is easy to forget how many cool places there are right down the street.

    For the record though… The entire Volunteer Fire Department spends hundreds of hours begging, pleeding, and asking kindly for donations to put on the fireworks. We spend just under $9,000 on the display. We sell $3 buttons, sell beer and shirts at the event, and ask every business in Lake Linden and anywhere close by to help us out. We do it every year and love doing it for the community. We have been extremely lucky with the great out pouring of support from the community.

    -jason r.

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